L4 Society Zine

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L4 Society is a curated zine that reimagines space settlements with a feminist, inclusive, and speculative lens. It is 65 pages and features artwork, poetry, writing, and interviews printed on risograph. 

We explore alternative futures that are vastly different, lost, emer- ging, or unseen. As we move forward into the unknown, what elements of our society will we take with us, and how will we flourish in our new environment?

This is a zine published by Little Dada that features work by:
Tessa Alexanian
Elliot Roth & Lucy Stevens
Amelia Ruthven Nelson
Jennifer Cook 
Nisa Malli
Logan A Kirkland
Aryanna Pasad
Joe DiZoglio 
Mackenzie Wong 
Sagan Yee
Curated by Little Dada: 
Hillary Predko
Lee Wilkins