Switch Click

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The Switch Click combines flip switches and buttons. 

The Simple Switch option is a single switch that is either momentary (it returns to the centre immediately after switched), 2 position (either on or off) or 3 position (on, off, or middle). The colour of the switch is tied to the type of switch. 

The switch + button has a momentary tactile arcade button below it, with a random colour. 

There are a few with additional 6x6 tactile push buttons on the edges in addition to the arcade button, but they are limited. 

All are on a large, randomly coloured resizable ring base. 

All rings are hand made from salvaged parts, so they might not all be -exactly the same-. There is also limited supply because of those material constraints, so keep an eye on this page or follow me on twitter for updates if you don't see what you want.  These items may take time to ship if I am missing parts, but I'll get them out within a week!